Nov 7, 2014

Staff Tour

Amidst all the rough records, drawing sheets and the text books, staff eventually found a day to get together.
Guess where???

Sep 27, 2014

Azure 2K14

As part of the technical fest Azure 2K14 helb at our college, Department of Civil Engineering is conducting technical events like Paper Presentation, Model Making, Best Civil Engineer etc.

The spectacular exhibition of world famous buildings and Kochin Metro, was real visual treat to all the viewers

The students had also organised a sale where books, home decor items, eco friendly products can be
purchased at reasonable price.

The exhibits of antiques were a true reminder of culture tradition and history of our state.

Aug 29, 2014

Congratulations 2010-2014 Batch

Congratulations 2010-2014 Batch
 Hearty Congratulations for securing 82% overall pass ...