Dec 24, 2015

Happy Xmas to All

                                                     ,  "Long time ago in Bethlehem
                                                            so the holy bible say
                                                      Mary's boy child Jesus Christ
                                                       was born on Christmas day
                                                     hark now hear the angels sing
                                                           a new king born today
                                                     and man will live forevermore
                                                         because of Christmas day"

Yeah, again a Christmas time. With Joy, Colours, Cakes n Songs. Lets Celebrate this Christmas and get prepared for 2016 ;)

Alumni Reunion

Itz tym to recollect the memories. AJCE CE Department is organizing its first Alumni Reunion on 26 th January 2016. Letz unite together to make this event a grand success..  ഓർമകളുടെ പൊൻവസന്തം വിരുന്നുവരുന്ന ഈ വേളയിൽ സൌഹൃദത്തിന്റെ കതിരോലകൾ കയ്യിലേന്തി നമുക്കവരെ സ്വാഗതം ചെയ്യാം 

Jun 3, 2015

Graduation Ceremony' 15

The 11th graduation ceremony went off well. All the best to the graduates.
May God bless you in all your endeavors. 

Jun 1, 2015


The annual Short Term Training Programme organized by the distinguished IITs under the banner EKALAVYA is scheduled to begin tomorrow.This year the theme is " Environmental Studies".       All the best to Mr. Bevin. V. Cherian for the successful conduct of the same. 

Mar 3, 2015


After the exciting arts fest, the exam fever is back on!!!
"All the best"  May God be with you.
Do prepare well.

Feb 28, 2015


The stage is set....Music flows through the air...
Seize the moment...showcase your talents....
Enjoy the day!!!

Jan 19, 2015

Back to college

Welcome back students!!!....
Welcome back to class!!!...
Start your semester with a smile and a fresh mind.
Make the most of your time and enjoy your college days.