About Us


To be a premium provider of technical, higher education, research and support services in the field of civil engineering,capable of producing individuals with the requisite technical background thus empowering society.


To generate value added technical professionals with the help of practice oriented courses conducted by highly qualified faculties, along with the constant interaction with the industry and the consistent exposure to the latest technologies.


Civil Engineers build the world’s infrastructure, which encompasses Railways, Highways, Bridges, Water-works, Skyscrapers, Canals, Wharves, Industrial Buildings, Rapid Transit Systems, Power Plants etc. They deal with the design, construction, maintenance and repair of structures. There are opportunities galore for civil engineers, with new players entering the market and more large-scale developments announced around the globe. The four-year B.Tech. program and two-year M.Tech. programs of the department are dedicated to delivering technically proficient and ethically responsible engineers to the society
  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering (4 years):  120 seats
  • M.Tech in Structural Engineering & Construction Management(2 years): 24 seats
  • M.Tech in Computer Aided Structural Engineering (2 years): 18 seats


  • Career opportunities in design, construction and management are immense since the dawn of engineering.
  • Constant demand in the field of water resources, environmental, transportation and structural projects funded by prominent world organizations.
  • Specialized civil engineers are among the most sought-after people in risk assessment and disaster management.

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